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For Lab & Blood Bank

Learn about our products for testing Sunquest, SCC Soft, and more. From orders and results to user acceptance testing and beyond.

For Middleware

Explore how upgrades and annual validation of Sysmex WAM, Data Innovations, and rules engine middleware can be a breeze with STS.

Partner with STS

Many of today's leading vendors parter with STS to streamline and accelerate implementations. Purpose-built business logic solutions are our specialty.

What we do

Sysmex WAM Validation

STS and Sysmex have joined forces to deliver automated testing solutions to save time and effort in testing your Sysmex WAM rules.

Data Innovations Verification

STS has taken automation to the next step with audit trail query and comprehensive rules verification options.

Superior Customer Service

Customer service shouldn’t stop when implementation is complete. Explore what it means to be an STS customer.

Sunquest LIS Automation

Our Sunquest line includes our most comprehensive suite of solutions designed to conquer almost any Sunquest testing you can imagine.

SCC SoftLab & SoftBank Automation

We have developed a comprehensive testing solution for SoftLab and SoftBank by building upon our success in the LIS space.

Other Application Automation

Don’t see your application? STS is always exploring new application automation. Explore our technology and let us know what automation you need.

Revolutionizing healthcare IT through software automation

About Us

Software Testing Solutions LLC (STS) was founded in 1997 to fill a vital need within the industry – to create innovative solutions that automate the testing of healthcare applications. Today, STS concentrates on providing intelligent and responsive automation that can perform workflow testing, repetitive transaction processing, or even service virtualization.

Our suite of automated solutions simplifies the implementation and documentation process. What once took an entire team weeks or months to accomplish is now handled by our automated software solutions providing time and costs - With the added benefit of repeat use whenever needed.

Whether you are an end user trying to meet a project deadline or an application vendor looking to streamline implementations and accelerate revenue, STS has an automation solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to see what STS can do for you.

STS is staffed with accomplished professionals who have decades of clinical and technical experience. We have in-depth knowledge of your real-world testing needs, plus we possess proven expertise in successfully implementing automated testing.

Unlike costly consulting firms, STS provides its customers with a software testing solution that is useful any time testing is needed. This reusability maximizes the testing solution’s return on investment.

Whether you need solution specific assistance or strategic testing advice, our expert analysts are just a phone call away. Training is always available at no cost for the duration of your support agreement. STS is a partner not just for your immediate validation, but for all your testing and automation needs.


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